White monkey draws raves in Chonburi

This little fellow is the latest attraction in Saen Suk.

A baby white monkey at a Chonburi temple is the province’s latest animal sensation.

Photos of the long-tailed monkey, said to be albino, even though it has black hands, went viral on social media as it eats fruit given by tourists at Khao Sam Muk in Saen Suk Subdistrict.

Fruit vendors said there actually are two “albino” monkeys at the temple, both have yellowish white hair, but black hands. One, however, is quite shy while the other likes people.

The twin, however, is quite shy.


With pandemic-fatigued people looking for anything “good” to focus on, and photos of the long-tailed monkey troupe have gone viral on social media.
Food stalls no. 8-9 at Khao Sam Muk are popular places to witness the unusual wildlife.