Violent middle-eastern men incite fear in South Pattaya

The confrontation between the middle-eastern men, centered on a woman, quickly escalated into a brawl involving multiple parties, resulting in one victim being knocked unconscious.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In the early hours of July 10, a group of Middle Eastern men incited fear and chaos in Soi Yen Sabai, South Pattaya, engaging in violent behavior that included assault, loud revving of car engines, and threats against local residents.

Sompong, a 43-year-old chicken rice vendor, provided crucial video evidence capturing an assault that left a foreign national unconscious. According to Sompong, the altercation began as a dispute involving foreigners, with the aggressors arriving in a black Pajero SUV accompanied by approximately ten men.

The confrontation quickly escalated into a brawl involving multiple parties, resulting in one victim being knocked unconscious. Sompong indicated that the conflict appeared to be centered on a woman, with underlying tensions stemming from a previous unresolved car accident involving the assailants and other foreigners.

The video footage depicted the assailants grappling with their victim over a Thai woman before the violence erupted. The primary aggressor locked his arm around the victim’s neck, delivering punches until he collapsed. Attempts by bystanders to intervene were met with hostility, forcing them to retreat. The injured man eventually regained consciousness and fled the scene, pursued by the group of assailants.

Following the incident, the perpetrators, driving a black Chevrolet Optra without a license plate, further intimidated local residents by making threatening gestures and revving their engine loudly. The injured victim, identified as Mr. Yousef Akhasd Alazemi, 26, from Kuwait, reported the assault to the Pattaya police, where he received medical treatment for facial injuries.

The police have initiated a thorough investigation, review witness statements and CCTV footage to identify the suspects, who fled in a bronze Mitsubishi Pajero SUV and a black Chevrolet sedan. The motive behind the assault remains unclear, prompting ongoing efforts by the police to arrest the suspects and ensure justice for the victim.