Vendors gone, cleanup begins on Najomtien Beach

Angry vendors evicted from Najomtien Beach just abandoned their carts and stalls daring the authorities to remove them and clean up the area themselves.

After kicking out all the illegal vendors, the cleanup began on Najomtien Beach.

Subdistrict regulatory-enforcement officers banned all hawkers and sellers from the beach June 27. They left behind a mess, including 10 abandoned stalls illegally erected on public land.

Vendors, who were notified June 7 that their rent-free occupation of beachfront walkways and sand would be coming to an end, got angry and simply left their stuff for the evicting officers to remove.

On July 2, Anak Chartchua, Najomtien’s chief regulatory officer, had subordinates clean the sidewalks of stalls and debris. Vans, carts, chairs, tables and more had to be removed from Najomtien Beach Road.

Anak said if the vendors want their property back, it will be kept for a short time at the Najomtien Subdistrict office.

Najomtien subdistrict regulatory-enforcement officers load the vendors’ carts and stalls onto their pickup trucks to be taken away from the beach.