Vehicles damaged by metal screws deliberately scattered on dark road

A car shines it’s headlights onto the road strewn with metal screws scattered by some ill-intentioned people.

Dozens of cars and motorbikes were damaged when delinquents scattered metal screws on a Sriracha road 35 kms from Pattaya.

Motorists filed police reports and rescue vehicles reported many damaged cars along Huay Sapan Road in Sriracha where a long stretch of roadway between behind Pinthong Industrial Estate was vandalized around 9 p.m. Nov. 25.

Driver Nawapol Chungching, 27, said he thought, at first, the debris on the roadway was rocks. Then, after he blew a tire, he pulled over and saw that metal screws and nuts covered the road. He collected a batch and brought them to police.

Nantawan Kungkratok, a rescue officer of Piew Yieng Tai Sri Racha Foundation, said about 10 vehicles were in distress along the roadway about 10 p.m.

Police are investigating.

A close-up of one of the metal screws which can penetrate tires causing them to blowup putting human lives at risk.