Unidentified woman falls to death from Pattaya beach condominium

Staff of the 27-story condominium placed a white wooden screen around the body of the woman who fell to her death from the high-rise building to shield it from public view.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A woman fell to her death from a high-rise condominium on Pattaya Beach in the early morning of June 8. Staff of the 27-story condominium quickly placed a white wooden screen around the body to shield it from public view. Behind the screen lay the lifeless body of an unidentified woman, estimated to be between 30 and 40 years old. She was wearing a brown T-shirt and shorts, and her body was severely broken.

The incident drew a large crowd, prompting police to cordon off the area while forensic officers collected evidence from the scene and the room on the 25th floor. Authorities have yet to disclose any details to the press. Initial investigations revealed no witnesses to the fall. A security guard on duty reported that while on patrol, he noticed a motionless body on the ground. Upon closer inspection, he realized the person was deceased and likely had fallen from the building, prompting him to notify the authorities.

The cause of the incident remains unclear, with investigators considering whether it was an accident, suicide, or foul play. The investigation team plans to examine evidence from surrounding witnesses and CCTV footage to determine the cause of death.

This tragic plunge marks the fifth fatal fall in Pattaya in June. The first incident occurred on June 1, involving a 23-year-old Thai man. The second took place on June 3, when a 38-year-old Russian tourist fell to his death. The third incident followed on June 4, claiming the life of a 43-year-old American tourist, and the fourth was on June 5, when a German tourist tragically fell to his death from a five-star hotel.