Unable to stop homeless surge, Pattaya turns to assisting them

Homeless people gathered at the Pattaya City outreach desk on the beach where they sought aid and more information on their rights to welfare services.

Unable to stop the growth in the city’s homeless population, Pattaya and Chonburi officials have begun offering them help.

Nantapak Pongsuk, director of the Chonburi Protection Center of the Destitute, and Pattaya Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn marked the June 30 launch of a twice-monthly outreach desk on the beach outside Mike Shopping Mall where homeless people are invited to come for aid and information.

Social workers will ask them what they need and advise them on their rights to welfare services. They also can apply for identification cards; find accommodations, jobs, medical care or even a ride back to their hometown.

In addition, the outreach desk will offer second-hand clothing, face masks and hand sanitizer. Officials said they are seeking donations of masks and hand gel.

The opening of the assistance center occurred because, Wuthisak admitted, Pattaya was unable to reverse the increase in the city’s homeless population despite repeated people roundups.