Tourists are back Pattaya; So are Middle Eastern bike racers

Young Middle Eastern bike racers are back again, revving their motorbikes and racing up and down Soi VC and Soi Yensabai creating quite a disturbance for the residents.

Tourists are back in Pattaya and so are the Arab motorcycle racers.

A problem for years in South Pattaya, young Middle Eastern foreigners are again revving their motorbikes and racing up and down Soi VC and Soi Yensabai.

Neighbors believe the delinquents are young tourists riding rented motorbikes, but the problem has been around for years.

Almost exactly five years ago this week, a force of 100 army, tourist and Pattaya police sealed off Soi VC and Soi Yensabai July 4, 2017 and swept through the two streets rounding up the foreigners loitering and working on motorcycles.

They told the bikers that neighbors had complained about them blocking traffic, racing illegally, making noise and creating a nuisance. They were advised on traffic laws and motor vehicle regulations. A number of the bikers were arrested for having no driving licenses or registrations, and for possessing illegally modified bikes.

The young holiday makers also rent motorbikes with sidecars so their friends can also participate in the rowdy activities in Soi Yen Sabai.

The same situation is unfolding again, although police at this point are simply warning motorcycle rental agents to collect detailed information on their customers.

Motorcycle-taxi driver “Somwang” said the problem only recently resurfaced.

“Ead”, a garland seller, said she was concerned she or one of her friends would get hit by the speeding bikes.


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