Tourist drives on Pattaya Beach, gets stuck

Baht bus and motorbike taxi drivers gather around the sand-bogged Chevy SUV near Walking Street to figure out a way to drag it back up to solid ground again.

A tourist who decided it would be a good idea to park on the beach needed the help of nearly a dozen people to push the car out of the sand.

What prompted the unidentified tourist to back the Chevrolet SUV onto the sand near the old pier site at the southern end of Beach Road Aug. 18 was a mystery, but why they needed help wasn’t. Not a four-wheel drive vehicle, the car quickly bogged down in the sand and the wheels just spun when the vehicle tried to move.

About 10 baht bus and motorcycle-taxi drivers jumped in to help, pushing the car back onto solid ground.

Parking is not allowed on Pattaya Beach and people doing so are subject to fines.