TOT urges patience over North Pattaya sidewalk work

TOT workers hard at work digging up the pavement on North Pattaya Road to lay communications cables in the ground.

People complaining that North Pattaya sidewalks were repaired incorrectly need to be patient: The work will be completed later this month.

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Business owners and pedestrians moaned Oct. 9 that telephone company repair crews had dug up tiled sidewalks along North Road and repaved them in uneven asphalt once their work was done, leaving stacks of footpath tiles scattered around the area near 2499 Wash & Wax, Wayupak School and Thanachart Bank.

Workers have temporarily covered up the pavements with asphalt until the testing is complete and then the tiles will be laid properly.

In fact, the burying of telephone and internet lines by TOT pclis not finished. Now that the wires are buried, TOT is testing them.

Asphalt was poured to closed the sidewalks while testing proceeds, but the tiles were not restored so that workers can retain easy access to the buried cables if they need it.

Once testing is complete, the sidewalks will be restored later this month.

Residents can only scratch their heads in amazement every time the city hires a different utility company to dig up their sidewalk at regular intervals.