Thai man charged with rape, killing of Chonburi woman

Police escort Suttichai to the scene of the crime to re-enact his evil deed.

A Si Saket man out on bail for attempted murder was arrested for the rape and murder of a Chonburi woman.

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Suttichai Tosok, 20, was apprehended Aug. 13 at his home in Muang District and brought him for a re-enactment of the crime in a wooded area off a Highway 7 access road earlier this week.

Police watch as Suttichai re-enacts the gruesome rape/murder.

Police said Suttichai confessed he picked up Chonthicha Nintanon, 25, as she walked along Settakit Road after a night of drinking. Instead of taking her to a gas station as requested, he pulled her into the woods and raped her, police said.


Police said Suttichai told them that Chonthicha fought back, so he kicked her in the head repeatedly until she passed out. He came back to the spot the next morning and found her dead.

Suttichai was already charged with a knife attack in January but was released on bail while awaiting trial.