Swedish man warned against begging in Pattaya

A destitute Swede sitting in a wheelchair in front of Tuk Com in South Pattaya told police that he was marooned in Pattaya because of the pandemic and had no money for food and other necessities.

A Swedish beggar was warned to contact his embassy instead of panhandling in South Pattaya.

Teerasak Jatupong, head of city hall’s Special Task Unit, took officers and Pattaya police to Tukcom on South Road March 25 after complaints about a foreign man in a wheelchair begging for money.

The unidentified Swedish man told authorities he was broke due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Police did not arrest the foreigner, but warned him begging is illegal and told him to go back to his condo. If he needed help, police told the man, he should contact his embassy, the Pattaya Police Station or other government agency.


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