Students risk injury as drainage construction stalled in Bang Phra

Nattakamon Phinitsak, a school administrator and community representative, expresses concern over student safety due to the nearby construction site on Sukhumvit Road. Despite the project starting two months ago, sporadic progress and recent stagnation raise worries about potential accidents.

BANG PHRA, Thailand – Residents and business owners along Sukhumvit Road in Bang Phra Sub-district of Sri Racha are urgently calling for the completion of a drainage system construction on Highway No. 3 at the Bang Phra-Klong Sukreeb junction, which has caused significant disruptions.

Despite on-going efforts, there has been no progress for almost a month as the contractor has disappeared. Reporters inspecting the site found signs of excavation for drainage pipes and road surface levelling, but no workers or engineers were present. Only one excavator had been left idle for over a month.

Mrs. Nattakamon Phinitsak, a school administrator and community representative, revealed that the construction project began in front of the school two months ago. However, since April, the work has been sporadic, with no progress made in the past month. Mrs. Nattakamon expressed concern over student safety, as the construction site is near the school entrance on Sukhumvit Road, posing a risk of accidents.

She urged relevant authorities to inspect the site and expedite the work, citing the incomplete construction’s potential for accidents, especially with obscured signage hindering driver visibility. Accidents have already occurred in the area, putting students and road users at risk. Mrs. Nattakamon called for prompt action to ensure safety and convenience for students, road users, and local residents, who have faced significant hardships and pollution due to the unfinished work.

Mr. Kraisi Yimyam, a 45-year-old security guard at the school, recounted a previous accident involving a student who slipped on gravel near the entrance. During school dismissal times, students face difficulty navigating the area due to obstructed views caused by signage.

Mr. Kraisi often directs traffic to prevent further accidents. He noted that workers occasionally appeared for a day but then moved to other areas, leaving the school entrance unfinished. With the school term starting soon, he emphasized the urgency of completing the construction to avoid further chaos and accidents.