Sriracha bar girls resort to fisticuffs over Japanese customer

A video grab shows bar girls in the Sriracha night life area fighting over who should get a Japanese customer into their premises.

Sriracha, Thailand – A heated argument between bar girls in Sriracha escalated into a violent altercation on the night of June 24. The incident, captured on mobile phone footage, was caused by a dispute over who should win over a Japanese customer.

Businesses have expressed their deep concerns about the negative impact on the area’s reputation, particularly among the Japanese customer base, which are a significant source of tourism. Suggestions put forth include encouraging bar employees to remain within the premises, abstain from inappropriate behavior such as wearing revealing attire, and refrain from using offensive language to attract customers. These measures aim to safeguard Sriracha’s peaceful atmosphere and sustain its appeal as a livable city and a sought-after tourist destination.

Ongoing investigations are currently underway, with authorities expected to address the situation promptly. The outcome of these investigations will determine the necessary measures to be implemented in order to mitigate the recurrence of such incidents in Sriracha’s vibrant bar scene.