Nineteen-year-old man survives 6th floor apartment building plunge

Paramedics tend to 19-year-old Jakarin Boonlert who fell from the 6th floor of his apartment building onto the hood of a car under mysterious circumstances.

Pattaya, Thailand – Don Hualor police in Chonburi arrived at the scene of an incident where a person fell off a building on June 24. At the scene police found an unclothed 19-year-old Jakarin Boonlert lying half-conscious on the hood of a Toyota Yaris. Efforts to communicate with Jakarin were unsuccessful, leading to immediate transportation to Chonburi Hospital for necessary medical attention.

Within the building, authorities discovered another 19-year-old man named Withawin Upathong, who claimed no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the incident. A balcony inspection uncovered a pile of excrement covered with a plate, prompting further police investigation.

Ms. Nattacha Suwannaphan, the 21-year-old dormitory caretaker said that both Jakarin and Withawin were interns from the Technical College Lampang and shared a rented room. The owner of the vehicle struck by the fall, Kritayu Jantrai, who also resides in the building, promptly notified his insurance company to access the damage to his car.

The Don Hualor police have initiated an investigation into the incident in order to ascertain the precise details of the fall. Withawin will be questioned by the police as they seek to unravel the cause of the incident. Additional updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.