Squatters removed from illegally built shanty near Pattaya railway road

Pattaya city officials undertook an operation to remove an illegal shelter erected in the vicinity of the railway road near Soi Khao Talo.

Pattaya, Thailand – Pattaya city authorities, in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare, the Department of Environment, and the Municipal Office, undertook a coordinated operation on July 6 to remove an illegal shelter located in the vicinity of the railway road at Soi Khao Talo. The action was prompted by residents living in the vicinity, who could no longer tolerate the disruptive noise and foul garbage strewn over the area.

At the site, a couple was found to be living in the meager dwelling. Further investigation revealed that the destitute couple had relatives, so the authorities made arrangements to relocate them to their families. To expedite the cleanup process, the Department of Environment took preliminary measures to collect the garbage and help pack the couple’s personal possessions preparing them for transportation.

Authorities evicted a couple who were found to be living in this meager shanty standing beside the Pattaya railway road.