South Pattaya pub closed after late-night raid

Police raided a tomboy pub late last night where no drugs nor underage party goers were found, but the pub was ordered closed indefinitely.

Police and local officials raided a South Pattaya “tomboy” bar, finding no drugs or underage patrons, but also no attempt at social distancing.

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About 50 women were inside the Blossom pub on Soi Bongkot when a task force of 50 officers and administrators crashed the party around 3:30 a.m. Sunday. All were tested for drugs and had identification cards checked.

The revelry was in full swing at 3.30 am as police raided the Blossom Pub.

While no drugs or underage revelers were found, there was plenty disregard for safety, with no temperatures being checked, few people wearing masks and no one social distancing. The party people were told to go home and the pub manager hauled into Pattaya Police Station.

Blossom is closed indefinitely and the management charged with selling alcohol without a license, operating past midnight and violating disease-control laws.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Bangkok Herald.