South Korean arrested for faking kidnap in Pattaya

Police interrogate South Korean Kim Yong-il who confessed that he faked the story of his kidnap so he could squeeze money out of his family.

Immigration police arrested a South Korean man who fabricated a story that he was kidnapped.

The Chonburi Immigration Office had been asked by the South Korean embassy to locate Kim Yong-il after his family reported that he was kidnapped while getting on the plane to go home.

Immigration records showed Kim lived in Nongprue Moo 1 village in east Pattaya. Officers visited the house and found Kim there. Spotting police, Kim tried to run, but was captured.

It turns out Kim had overstayed his visa by 417 days. Police said he admitted faking the kidnap story to squeeze money out of his family.

Kim Yong-il tried to escape the police by jumping over the wall of his house into the bushes, but didn’t get far.