Signs of life on Pattaya beaches during the lockdown


An end to rubbish?

Pattaya has a long history of declaring beaches a litter-free zone.  The campaign has never been 100% successful.

The most decorated stall

Jomtien’s beach road at night has many brightly coloured mobile stalls, but this one is in a class of its own.  He is selling fried insects which, of course, are full of healthy vitamins.

Curious invitation

This official poster is promoting Jomtien Beach.  The problem is that it is portraying deck chairs and water sports which have been banned by provincial order.

Afternoon sales

With no tourists in town, many Pattaya businesses have turned to sales and discounts to earn some money.  This one is promoting the sale of ladies’ handbags.

No blaring please

Making merry is frowned on at present.  In an unusual show of defiance, someone has scratched out the logos of the police and local administration.

Wear your mask

Everywhere you see instructions on how to wear a mask in public places.  Without a translation, many expats are confused about the point being made here.

Time to change the name

The last visa runs took place fifteen months ago.  Thailand’s land borders were closed and have not reopened.

Fun on the sands

A late night party is in full swing.  They said they were not worried about being arrested as the beach patrol goes home at 8 pm.