Sharp nails in krathongs pose lethal threat to beachgoers

City workers pick up tens of thousands of krathongs that were floated into the sea during the Loy Krathong festival the night before. Some of the krathongs are made using sharp rusted steel nails that can prove extremely hazardous for beachgoers.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In the aftermath of the Loy Krathong festival, local authorities in Pattaya, particularly at Jomtien Beach, are alerting the public to potential hazards along the shoreline. A safety advisory is in effect, emphasizing caution due to remaining krathongs that contain sharp rusty nails, posing a considerable risk to both residents and tourists.

The focal point of concern is Soi 13 at Jomtien Beach, where authorities have identified scattered sharp objects and debris, creating a hazardous environment for unsuspecting visitors. The remnants of krathongs, traditionally released into the sea during the festival, now present an unforeseen threat with protruding rusty nails capable of causing injuries.

Authorities are also promoting responsible behaviour, advising against littering and improper waste disposal on the beach. The environmental impact of such actions could not only harm the delicate ecosystem but also endanger marine life in the area.

As the year concludes, authorities are considering a comprehensive review of upcoming events, contemplating a recommendation to reconsider and potentially cancel the traditional practice of releasing floating krathongs into the sea next year. This cautious approach aligns with on-going efforts to prioritize safety and address potential risks linked to large gatherings and sea-based activities.