Sattahip man shot dead over 10,000-baht loan

Paramedics inspect the scene of the shooting where Kanpongpisut Yaichaingnua shot Pairoj Runroj with a shotgun because the victim came to collect a 10,000 baht debt.

A Sattahip man confessed he shot dead a man who came to collect a 10,000-baht debt.

Kanpongpisut Yaichaingnua, 45, admitted to Sattahip police May 16 that he used a shotgun to kill Pairoj Runroj, 50, at the Tum Sadet restaurant on Soi Rungroj.

Bongkot Pinta, Kanpongpisut’s stepdaughter, told police that a shirtless Pairoj came to the restaurant to collect the 10,000 baht he loaned her mother. Her mother was out, so her stepfather tried to negotiate with Pairoj for a delay in payment, but Pairoj refused and demanded that he get his money immediately.

An argument ensued and Kanpongpisut shot him in the head, neck and hands three times.

A policeman holds up the automatic shotgun which Kanpongpisut used to shoot Pairoj three times.