Sacred boy statue near Pattaya attracts fortune-seeking visitors

Visitors stop to pray at the towering “Kuman Siam Mab Fukthong” statue in Huay Yai sub-district, East Pattaya, drawn by the belief in its power to grant wishes and bring good fortune.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A social media post featuring the “Kuman Siam Mab Fukthong” statue has sparked widespread interest and pilgrimage to the site located along Mab Fukthong Road, Huay Yai sub-district in East Pattaya. The statue, resembling a large white “Kuman” (boy) figure adorned with a golden crown, stands as tall as a 12-metre-four-story building.

Reports indicate that residents and visitors from various places have been flocking to the statue to pay their respects and offer tributes. Stories circulating suggest that prayers made at the statue bring good fortune and grant wishes. Even passers-by who raise their hands in prayer are said to experience their desires fulfilled, prompting a surge in offerings such as Thai costumes, red soft drinks, and children’s toys.

A recent visit revealed that the statue, locally known as “Kuman Siam” commands attention with its towering presence and distinctive features. It stands within a walled enclosure on approximately 1-2 rai of land, facing away from Mab Fukthong Road. The statue, characterized by three eyes, a white body, a crimson red cloth, and a golden crown adorned with jewellery, captivates visitors with its sacred aura.

Inside the compound, overgrown with greenery, stands a 1-meter high statue named “Heng Heng,” depicting a boy with a cheerful expression.

Outside the enclosure, two designated areas are filled with offerings, including garlands and toys, highlighting the widespread belief in the statue’s mystical powers. Inside the compound, overgrown with greenery, stands another smaller statue named “Heng Heng,” depicting a boy with a cheerful expression.

Wichian Kanasangwet, head of Moo 7, Huai Yai sub-district, explained that the area, developed by Chinese investors aiming to create a tourist attraction, had been abandoned for over five years. Initial excitement surrounded its opening, attended by celebrities, but the site fell into neglect during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent incidents of vandalism and dumping of debris prompted local authorities to inspect the site, although no immediate action was taken.

Despite its abandoned state, the “Kuman Siam” statue continues to draw believers seeking blessings and miracles, especially for children, reinforcing its status as a revered spiritual site attracting a steady flow of visitors seeking solace and divine intervention.