Protesting Pattaya villager rows boat on shoddy forever-flooded road

A Huay Yai resident rows, rows, rows his boat gently down the muddy stream in protest, miserably, miserably, miserably, life is but a nightmare.

Fed up Huay Yai residents set sail with boats on a local road neglected for years by the subdistrict, claiming it was easier than traveling on it with wheels.

Half of the two-kilometer road near the Klong Pai Reservoir in Moo 11 village floods every time it rains and the water stands for days in the large holes left in the pavement. Motorcyclists, like students with white shirts, routinely return home covered in mud.

Residents said they have complained to the subdistrict for years, only to be ignored. The road is remote and not a major thoroughfare, so administrators don’t care, the residents complained.

Some neighbors even used their own money previously to patch the many potholes.
Not only is the road inconvenient, its dangerous, locals said. There are no lights at night.

So, to make their point clear to the media, those living along the forgotten road pushed off with boats on the flooded street, hoping someone in authority will do their job and fix the road.

If only our motor-sidecar had wings.

On foot, on wheels or by boat everyone has to go through the obstacle course to get in and out of their homes.