Pricey plant stolen from Pattaya pharmacy

A security camera grabs a shot of the thief walking away with the expensive Monstera Thai Constellation tree planted in front of the Huk Ya Fama.

Security cameras captured two thieves stealing an expensive Monstera Thai Constellation plant from a Pattaya pharmacy.

Pharmacist Sattayawadee Kitbenja of Huk Ya Fama on Soi Nernplubwan said the pair of thieves took the potted plant around 12:30 a.m. March 15

She said the plant is worth about 10,000 baht and she bought it for herself for her birthday about a year ago.

She took the video to police in hopes they can recover the plant.

Pharmacist Sattayawadee Kitbenja of Huk Ya Fama points to the spot from where her beloved Monstera Thai Constellation plant was stolen.