Pirate-themed recreational boat sinks off Pattaya Beach

The double-deck “Kra Kenian” recreation ship was hit by high waves driven by strong winds sank partially off the shallow waters of Pattaya coast.

A pirate-themed café boat and restaurant flooded and was left partially submerged in rough seas off Pattaya.

The double-deck “Kra Kenian” was a raft boat offering dining, live music, a karaoke room and squid fishing. It began listing Jan. 30 after being hit by waves driven by strong winds around 4 p.m. It flooded and began to sink. Speculation was a water pump failed.

Rescuers helped employees to safety and no guests were on board. No one was injured.
The boat did not sink as it was in shallow water, but its bow was resting on the sandy sea floor. Marine officials said righting the vessel would take about an hour once conditions improved.

Owner Pichet Tanomchart, 41, said the restaurant had been ordered closed a couple of days ago because of the weather. It first opened for business on Nov. 18.

Wasan Meesat of the Maritime Disaster Prevention Department, said investigators will check whether the pirate ship had collided with another craft or object before the accident.

All ship’s crew and staff were safely rescued off the sinking ship.

The recreational raft boat plying off the coast of Pattaya offered dining, live music, a karaoke room and squid fishing.