Pervert’s indecent act frightens residents of women’s dormitory in Naklua

Yam points to the spot in the parking lot opposite her apartment building in Naklua where, over the past week, she saw the unidentified man performing acts of onanism on four separate occasions.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An 18-year-old woman, identified only as Yam, filed a complaint with police on May 25 after capturing four video clips of a man engaging in self-sexual gratification in the parking lot near her apartment building in Naklua. She reported that over the past week, the unidentified man, approximately 30-40 years old, had been seen performing public acts of onanism on four separate occasions.

Reporters were shown the parking lot behind the female dormitory where the incidents took place. Yam recounted that the man would sometimes park his car and other times a motorcycle, before staring at the apartment building in the mornings when she woke up and had her window open. The man would look at her in a predatory manner before exposing himself and performing indecent acts, which frightened her. She informed her mother, who advised her not to react or confront him to avoid potential harm.

Despite closing her window after the first incident, the man would drive by, look at her window, disappear for a while, and then return to repeat his perverted behaviour. Just that morning, he had returned once more, engaging in indecent acts without any regard of being seen.

Concerned for her safety, Yam filed a report with the Banglamung Police Station, asking the authorities to take action and apprehend the man. Police are investigating the incident and are working to identify and arrest the pervert.