Pattaya’s urban landscape transformed as cables go underground

The Provincial Electricity Authority in coordination with Pattaya City are forging ahead with their work to bury power lines and communication cables along Walking Street.

Pattaya, Thailand – Pattaya, a leading city in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), is undergoing a significant urban transformation aimed at solidifying its position as a premier hub for tourism and investment. The city has initiated an ambitious infrastructure overhaul that includes a groundbreaking underground utility installation project in the South Pattaya Road and Walking Street areas. In collaboration with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and various affiliated bodies, Pattaya City is driving this initiative forward.

Key to this project is the comprehensive burial of high-voltage power lines and communication cables across the South Pattaya and Walking Street neighborhoods. A collaborative effort involving the Pattaya City Administration, the Regional Electricity Authority (NT), public and private communication entities, cable TV providers, and the Public Relations Department, ensures the seamless execution of the endeavor.

Municipal officials, led by the Mayor’s Office, are actively monitoring the project’s progress through on-site inspections. The primary objectives are to enhance the city’s visual appeal and modernize its infrastructure. The project encompasses nine routes covering a total of 20 kilometers, managed by a consortium of 36 operators. Impressively, seven of these routes have already been successfully completed, including the North Pattaya and Central Pattaya areas.

Currently, dedicated crews are working diligently in the South Pattaya zone, focusing not only on technical aspects but also on lighting management for a cohesive visual outcome. The comprehensive budget allocated for this transformation amounts to approximately 3.1 billion baht.

The Provincial Electricity Authority is committed to a timely completion of the project, projecting its conclusion within the current year. This initiative aligns with Pattaya’s goal to become a central tourism and investment hub within the broader EEC vision.

Beyond the underground utility enhancements, the government has allocated billions of baht for other critical projects, such as a high-speed railway venture, the expansion and elevation of U-Tapao Airport, an advanced aircraft maintenance center, logistical improvements, and the development of a deep-sea port. These endeavors collectively position the EEC as a multifaceted transportation and economic gateway, elevating its significance beyond tourism alone.

South Pattaya Road looks a pretty sight with power lines and communication cables having disappeared. Now only the utility poles need to be uprooted and taken away.