Pattaya woman discovers a Melo pearl in her “somtum” dinner

Tewalee Sitonwong proudly shows the vibrant orange Melo pearl that she found in the razor shell that she bought to make “somtum” at home.

Tewalee Sitonwong, a 33-year-old employee at HomePro invited the media to her home on May 22, to tell them the story of how she found a pearl on her dinner plate.

She said that on that fateful evening, she went to the market with her husband to shop for fresh seafood and vegetables to prepare dinner at home. She had planned to make “Somtum” (papaya pok-pok) her favorite dish, so she bought the ingredients needed to make the spicy northeastern salad along with two razor clams.

She continued to tell her tale, saying that during dinner as they were relishing the “somtum” her husband bit into something hard. Thinking it was a stone he took it out of his mouth and looked at it. The pebble-like object had a vibrant orange hue and was slightly larger than the tip of her little finger. It looked very much like a Melo pearl.

Tewalee was initially skeptical about the pearl’s authenticity, understanding the need for further investigation. Nevertheless, she was excitement and delighted at acquiring such a remarkable gem. She said that she will have the pearl examined by experts. But in any case she has decided not to part with this precious find. She said that the Melo pearl will find its rightful place as a treasured keepsake, symbolizing this extraordinary chapter in her life.