‘Bangkok International Food Festival 2023’ elevates Thailand’s world-class gastronomy tourism status

Taking place from 26-30 May 2023 at centralwOrld shopping plaza and complex in Bangkok, the event is showcasing the diversity of food culture and a range of gastronomy tourism experiences in Thailand.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is hosting the ‘Bangkok International Food Festival 2023’ with an aim to offer experience-based tourism and leverage ‘Food’ – one of the kingdom’s 5F soft-power foundations to elevate Thailand’s status as a world-class gastronomy tourism destination.

The ‘Bangkok International Food Festival 2023’ is scheduled to be held from 26-30 May, from 15.00-22.00 Hrs., at centralwOrld shopping plaza and complex in Bangkok.

Mr. Apichai Chatchalermkit, TAT Deputy Governor of Tourism Products and Business, said “The Bangkok International Food Festival 2023 is envisioned to be a prominent culinary event that showcases gastronomy tourism experiences and the diversity of food culture, which is one of Thailand’s 5F soft-power foundations. The hosting of this festival is also to reflect Thailand’s ability to host large-scale international food event, and to raise the profile of Thailand’s culinary experiences as well as travel and tourism competitiveness on the global stage.”

Fundamentally, the Bangkok International Food Festival 2023 is intended to inspire Thai and foreign tourists to travel more around Thailand, thus helping to boost local tourism via culinary tours and distributing income from travel spending to the community.

The five-day culinary event comprises four key activities and five zones, and live music performances.

The four key activities include creative cooking demonstrations by participating restaurants and eateries; the creation of Chef’s Table menus by famous chefs from around the world; the adaptation of Thai street food menus by specialised chefs; and workshops on creating fine dining experiences using advanced culinary innovation. Some of invited chefs from overseas include Chef Jacob Jan Boerma, Chef Davio Gil Rovira, Chef Alejandro Huertas, Chef Ruben Arnanz, and Chef Saito Daikichi.

The five zones include the International Food Zone featuring internationally branded restaurants, eateries, and bakeries; the MICHELIN Guide Zone presenting 15 MICHELIN-awarded restaurants and eateries; the Featured Zone highlighting famous restaurants from all the five regions across Thailand; the Street Food Zone showcasing street food eateries from all over Thailand; and the Café Zone for coffee aficionados.

TAT introduced the hosting of the Bangkok International Food Festival 2023 at the press conference held yesterday (22 May 2023) with a panel discussion presented by TAT’s Mr. Apichai, ‘Chef Noom’ Thanintorn Chantharawan of one Michelin-starred Chim by Siam Wisdom restaurant in Bangkok, and Thailand’s leading foodie Mawin Taweephol (Mawinfinferrr). (TAT)