Pattaya urged to crack down on Beach Road parking scammers

This man pretends to assist the motorist in parking his car and then demands payment for parking on Beach Road near Walking Street which is a public road.

Pattaya motorists are urging police to take action against a man captured on video illegally charging people to park their cars near Walking Street.

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The unidentified Thai man was indeed waving people into a parking area on the southernmost end of Beach Road Sept. 4 then waiting with his hand out for cash.

Motorists pay the hood for fear of getting their cars scratched or worse.

Pattaya officials in mid-August warned against parking scammers and this person was no different. Parking is free on Beach Road.

Motorists said they paid the man, even knowing he was a scammer, as they feared he’d attack them or damage their cars.

They want police to patrol the area and crack down on scammers.

Parking on Beach Road is free, but unscrupulous men still get away with intimidating motorists to pay for parking.