Pattaya updates wheelchair lane for 1st time since 2020

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet personally supervises the painting of the wheelchair lane in Soi Paniadchang that was neglected for many years.

Pattaya repainted the often-ignored wheelchair lane on Soi Paniadchang, which had not been maintained for more than two years.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet and his deputies inspected the work to lay down reflective paint to mark the 1.5-meter-wide wheelchair lane on the side of the street linking Big C Extra and the Redemptorist Technological College for Persons with Disabilities.

Pattaya spent 10 million baht in 2013 to construct the raised path but, from the outset, neighbors along the route refused to accept the project, claiming it robbed them of parking spaces. So, they simply parked on top in the handicapped lane. The battle flared again in June 2020 and the city repainted the lines to keep the selfish out. But, on Aug. 29, Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai had to warn local residents again to respect the rules.

Poramet admitted that Pattaya has done a poor job of maintaining the project, which is nothing new for city hall. He confessed the path had not been maintained in years, but promised that would change.

For many years, the physically challenged must face many dangers and obstacles when they travel along Paniadchang Road in their wheelchairs.