Pattaya Tree Town security thugs hospitalize Irishman on St. Parick’s Day

Irishman John Joseph Kilroy sits on the ground dazed after a security thug punched him and hit him on the head when he was on the ground.

A foreign man who allegedly ran out on his bill at the Tree Town Market ended up in the hospital at the hands of security thugs.

Irishman John Joseph Kilroy, 58, was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day March 17 was set upon by two security guards at the Soi Buakhao bar complex, with one slapping him in the face, an Australian witness said.

Kilroy tried to walk away but a security thug punched him, sending him to the ground where he hit his head.

The security guards justified their actions by saying the Irishman was walking around and eating without paying. They told him to leave and he didn’t and then pushed one of the Thai men in the chest. They claimed they were simply defending themselves.

Other customers and bar hostesses rush to help Kilroy as he lay bleeding on the ground after being attacked by security thugs.