Pattaya thieves dig deep to steal underground cables

A municipality worker points to the spot next to the lamppost where the thieves dug a hole and pulled out more than 100 meters of electric cable.

Police at Khao Mai Kaew municipality received a report on Sept 6 that thieves had brazenly stolen a length of electric cable connected to electric lampposts along a rural road causing a blackout.

Ariya Jaruthongchai, the municipality’s legal officer, and police went to Baan Nongyang in Khao Mai Kaew subdistrict to investigate the crime scene. They determined that during the night of Sept 5, a gang of thieves had dug a hole in the ground near the lamp posts and stolen over 100 meters of electric cable valued at more than 40,000 baht.

A criminal report was filed and the police promised to investigate and arrest the thieving culprits as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the municipality is rushing to replace the missing section of cable so that the road can be lit up again as before.

The clever thieves stole more than 100 meters of electric cable buried between two lamp posts.

A worker points to where the cable was cut inside the lamp post before the thieves pulled it out the other end.