Pattaya taxi driver finds German tourist’s fat wallet

Pattaya motorbike taxi driver shows the cash money that was in the wallet belonging Fanz-Josef a German national that he found on Soi Buakhao

A Pattaya motorbike-taxi driver gave police a foreigner’s wallet he found that contained about 17,000 baht.

Amnuay Plungklang, 49, contacted the media Nov. 30 to publicize his find in hopes its owner will claim the wallet he found on Soi Buakhao.

Identification inside the wallet was for a Franz-Joseph (Surname withheld) a German national. Inside there were 320 euros and 6,150 baht.

Amnuay, who works at a taxi stand at Big C Extra on Central Road, said he has found wallets many times but never considered keeping the money or even asking for a reward. As before, he turned the wallet into police.