Pattaya speedboat abandons Russian family on deserted island

Tourist police recued a Russian family who were abandoned on Koh Sak by a cheating speedboat operator who was paid the round-trip fare but never came back to pick up the tourists.

Tourist police rescued a Russian family abandoned by a speedboat taxi on an isolated Pattaya Bay island.

The four adults and two children had hired the boat at Bali Hai Pier to take them to Koh Sak, one of Pattaya’s near islands that is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving, but offers no accommodations.

The family paid for roundtrip travel, but the boat never showed up as agreed at 5 p.m. As darkness fell on the relatively deserted island, the family called police for help.

The Russians didn’t know the name of the boat operator, only the driver was wearing a shirt with a cartoon character on it.

Police said drivers abandoning passengers on the Near Islands after charging a round-trip fare is all too common, but most times it happened with people on Koh Larn, where other transport options back to the mainland are available.

A Russian tourist calls her family to tell them that after the scary experience, they were safely back on the Pattaya mainland.