Pattaya Sikh temple deep cleaned and sanitised against Covid-19

Sikh ‘sewadars’ work together with Pattaya City Sanitation department staff in the deep-cleaning operations at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Temple on Soi 17.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic early last year, communities that held large gatherings have either ceased their activities or reduced their meeting frequencies, allowing only a limited number of people to participate.

During the high-risk days, the authorities banned all gatherings including holding religious services at places of worship of all religious denominations.

In addition, the health services encouraged the respective religious communities to clean and sanitize their places of worship regularly to safeguard against the spread of unwanted diseases, especially the dreaded Covid-19.

With the assistance of the Pattaya City Sanitation department, the Sikh community of Pattaya has regularly held deep cleaning operations at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Temple in Soi 17, South Pattaya.

The pantry area gets a thorough scrubbing.

Pasakorn Yusomboon, assistant secretary to Mayor Sontaya Kunplome, was present at the latest cleaning of the Sikh temple last week.

On behalf of Pattaya’s mayor he said, “The mayor emphasizes that the public should keep places frequented by a lot of people, such as religious locations, public transport depots, governmental buildings and offices, is kept clean and sanitized. This will help to build up confidence among residents and tourists.”

He went on to say that the mayor urged Pattaya residents to make visitors feel that they are welcome to Pattaya again.

Shub Singh, a revered member of the Sikh temple said, “We have a special team of ‘gurudwara sewadars’ (Sikh temple volunteers) who are responsible for keeping the consecrated areas such as the prayer hall, the ‘langar’ hall (community dining hall) and other sanctified areas clean and sanitized.

We assure Sikhs and devotees of all faiths that when they come to worship at the Sikh temple they can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that our temple is sanctified, clean and safe at all times.”

“Let’s get it on,” city staff are raring to go.

Sikhs thank the city volunteers for their invaluable help in cleaning and sanitizing their temple.