Pattaya selfless grandmas sleep on street to avoid wasting donated food

The two poor elderly Pattaya ice-cream vendors camp out in front of Pattaya City Hall on North Pattaya Road, so they can be first in line to get queue tickets for free rice and dried foods the next morning.

Two Pattaya poor and unemployed grandmothers took selflessness to the next level, choosing to sleep overnight in line for dried food rather than accept fully cooked, donated meals too large to finish.

The two unidentified women in their mid-60s were spotted early July 13, sleeping on carboard spread on the sidewalk and covered with mosquito nets on North Road. They were waiting for queue tickets within a stone’s throw of Pattaya City Hall to receive uncooked rice and dried food at a charity donation later that day.

The women said they used to sell ice cream on Pattaya Beach, but now there were no tourists and no income. So, they’ve been left to depend on handouts to survive.

But the grandmothers said they often felt guilty receiving generously sized food boxes. The portions were too big to finish and the food spoiled. The pair said they thought it would be better to get uncooked rice and food and prepare only as much as they need so as not to deprive other needy people of cooked meals.

The two gentlehearted women talk to reporters saying they would rather get uncooked rice and dried foods to avoid waste, so there is enough to give to other needy people.