Pattaya sees largest protest yet

Hundreds of people gather in front of Tesco-Lotus opposite City Hall on North Pattaya Road to protest for the resignation of the prime minister.

Pattaya pro-democracy activists staged their most-successful demonstration yet, drawing more than 200 people to a rally near city hall to demand repeal of the emergency decree in Bangkok.

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The Pattaya People’s Party assembled Oct. 20 outside the Tesco-Lotus North Pattaya location calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and massive government reform.

As the sun set protestors moved to in front of Pattaya City Hall to continue voicing their demands.

As the sun set, the group moved across the street to Pattaya City Hall where more than 200 people rallied for an end to emergency governance of the capital, a demand that was met Thursday at noon with revocation of the decree in the Royal Gazette.

The group broke from many of their Bangkok counterparts by calling for the resignation of Prayut and his Cabinet without reforms to the monarchy.

But protestors also echoed other demands of the Free People Movement, including release of the jailed activists, an end to harassment of dissidents, revision of the constitution and dissolution of parliament.