Pattaya school children campaign against smoking on World No Tobacco Day

Students of Baan Nern Plubwan School in east Pattaya hold anti-smoking banners as they march on World No Tobacco Day 2023.

At Baan Nern Plubwan School in east Pattaya, Director Attakrit Paenchuea took the lead in an initiative to raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking on World No Tobacco Day 2023, which was observed on May 31. Collaborating with school administrators, teachers, and students, he organized a campaign that involved walking through the nearby community to discourage smoking. The primary objective was to help local residents comprehend the consequences of smoking and inspire them to reduce or quit altogether.

World No Tobacco Day is recognized annually on May 31 by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Thailand, this day holds significant importance as it serves as an opportunity to actively combat substance abuse and promote understanding of the dangers associated with addiction. The activities conducted on this day aim to raise awareness among the general public, particularly the youth, about the risks and health hazards associated with tobacco consumption.

In 2023, the focus was specifically on educating young people about the hazards and dangers of e-cigarettes. The objective was to enlighten them about the detrimental effects, long-term consequences, and adverse health impacts of smoking. By emphasizing that e-cigarettes contain toxic substances, are addictive, and pose serious risks, the WHO aimed to empower individuals to make informed choices regarding their health. Throughout the march, informative pamphlets were distributed to the participants, providing continuous support and guidance on how to effectively quit smoking.

A student hands out leaflets encouraging the public to top smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes.