Woman returns cash found in ATM machine to rightful owner

A CCTV camera shows Nonglak Nontkhuntot with her daughter at the ATM machine in from of a drug store in Ban Bueng district of Chonburi.

A bank customer was startled when she reached into the money dispensing slot of an ATM machine in Ban Bueng District of Chonburi on May 28, to discover that the person before her had not taken all his money, leaving behind 8000 baht.

Nonglak Nontkhuntot, 29 looked around to see whether the man was still in the vicinity, but he was nowhere to be seen. She decided to hang around the ATM machine in front of a pharmacy in the hope that the man would come back looking for his money.

Having waited in vain for quite some time, she decided to take the money to the police, who she thought would have a better chance to locate the owner of the misplaced money. Later in the day she received a phone call from the police to tell her that the owner of the money had been located.

Kiattipon Waiyawat, 20, had reported the unfortunate incident to Nong Chak police, saying that he worked as a pineapple truck driver and his employer had entrusted him to deposit 20,000 baht in the bank. When the ATM machine showed that there was only 12,000 baht in the slot, he sensed that something was wrong, so he grabbed the cash from the slot and rushed off to deposit the full amount at another ATM machine in the market.

Still in shock, Kiattipon Waiyawat shows police his ID card before getting back the 8000 baht that he so carelessly left in the ATM machine.

In his hurry to get the job done, he did not count the money from the first ATM machine; only to discover that there was only 12,000 baht when he tried to deposit the money in another ATM machine.

In a panic the young man reported the mishap to the police. The kindly police consoled Kiattipon telling him that Nonglak had deposited the cash with them to be given back to the rightful owner when found.

Kiattipon thanked the police and through them to Nonglak who saved him from big trouble, had he lost his bosses’ money.