Pattaya Richmond free food Friday, 11 and counting

Working together as a team.

The 12th March was the 11th Friday in a row we were able to give free bags of food to desperate people. It has been an incredible journey in which I have been so lucky to be part of. The donations are still coming in from all around the world, and locally as well.

Friday saw us give away another 300 bags, bringing the total since 26th March 2020 to 27,100 bags of free food given away.

Our next free food Friday is on the 19th March at 3pm at Richmond Soi Welcome. We have been able to give something back to Thailand, and the Thai people, to say thanks for letting us be part of your community.

Note: We will be holding a party to mark our first anniversary on 26th March. All welcome to Soi Welcome.

People of all ages come to collect free food.

Still giving free food since 26th March 2020. The next one will be 19th March, from Richmond Soi Welcome at 3pm.