Pattaya residents decry disruptive Thepprasit Road divider construction

Residents of Thepprasit Road hold up signs protesting the construction of the road divider islands which are causing more traffic jams than ever.

Pattaya, Thailand – Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet responded to the outcry from local residents regarding the ongoing construction of a central road dividing island on Thepprasit Road which has significantly disrupted the daily lives of the residents, prompting them to demand immediate attention from the authorities.

During the Pattaya City Council meeting held at City Hall on June 26, Mayor Poramet urgently raised the matter for discussion. He acknowledged that this issue had been previously brought to the attention of the authorities through multiple complaints from residents along Thepprasit Road. Recognizing the importance of finding an appropriate resolution, the city administration has been actively searching for viable solutions.

Initially, the construction plan for the central road dividing island included four designated U-turn points at Soi 1, Soi 5, Soi 9, and Soi 11 on Thepprasit Road. However, after careful consideration and evaluation, the city has decided to revise the plan. In the modified proposal, six U-turn points will be retained, with the addition of the Rattanakorn Market entrance and Soi 17 on Thepprasit Road. Two of the U-turn points, specifically the entrance of Soi 9 and Rattanakorn Market, will be expanded by 25 meters to accommodate smoother traffic flow.

Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet shows a plan of the construction on Thepprasit Road promising to modify the U-turn points to alleviate traffic flow.

To enhance transparency and keep the public informed about the construction progress, Mayor Poramet has suggested the installation of clear project progress signs along Thepprasit Road. These signs will provide regular updates on the construction schedule, milestones achieved, and any potential disruptions that may arise during the project.

The Mayor urged all council members and relevant authorities to carefully consider these proposed modifications, placing great emphasis on the importance of maintaining open lines of communication with the local community. He has expressed his willingness to listen to feedback and suggestions from the residents, demonstrating a commitment to addressing their concerns and incorporating their voices into the decision-making process.

An artistic impression of how Thepprasit Road will look like after completion of the island and street lighting.

Traffic slows to a crawl during the ongoing construction on Thepprasit Road.