Pattaya rescuer peels durian with ‘Jaws of Life’

Watcharin Sobkrasun together with his assistant peels a durian with the ‘Jaws of Life’ a tool used to free people from wrecked cars.

Thais amazed by all things durian got another thrill when a Pattaya rescue volunteer posted a video of himself peeling the fruit with a ’Jaws of Life’ used to rescue passengers from inside crushed vehicles.

Watcharin Sobkrasun, 45, is a volunteer with the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation and is in charge of maintaining its cache of rescue tools.

Nicknamed “Rescue 76”, Watcharin said July 5 he had bought a durian at the same time as he was doing the monthly tool inspection. He thought durian fans would find it amusing to see him peel a fruit with a tool normally used to free people from wrecked cars.

It didn’t come out great. The durian’s appearance was a bit wrecked by the peeling, but the durian was still edible, as Watcharin showed when he ate the fruit on camera.

While maintaining his cache of rescue equipment, Watcharin got the brilliant idea to peel a durian with his massive ‘Jaws of Life’.