Pattaya prostitution street back in the news

Women in slinky outfits offer sexual services to customers along the street behind the Esso station at the entrance to Banglamung district.

A Pattaya-area street made infamous last year for hosting women in slinky outfits offering sexual services is back in the news as the karaoke clubs there reopen.

The street behind an Esso gas station in Banglamung where Nakata Karaoke and other clubs are located made national news in April 2021 for having about 50 women a night loitering there, offering prostitution services.

People in the know say that the rates for the services range from 1300 baht for a short-time including room to 3000-4000 baht for all-night. Throughout the night a continuous stream of customers comes by motorbike and cars. At some houses a sales person comes out to the cars to offer the various services available, but no alcoholic drinks.

Of course, when Banglamung Police went there after the media coverage, the street was empty. Satisfied cops pronounced that the photos were fake or old and that, of course, there was no prostitution in Pattaya.

But, now with clubs open again, residents again are taking new pictures and videos of cars and motorcycles parked up and down the soi and few of the hookers wearing face masks.

Certainly, though, when police arrive, there will be no prostitution in Pattaya again.