Pattaya reporters honour fallen colleagues on National Journalists Day

Members of the Pattaya Journalists Association gather at Wat Sutthawas Temple on National Journalists Day, joined by nine monks for a solemn ceremony honouring departed colleagues and invoking blessings for the profession.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Pattaya Journalists Association, under the leadership of President Amporn Saengkaew, paid tribute to departed colleagues in a poignant merit-making ceremony held at Wat Sutthawas Temple in east Pattaya, on March 5. This solemn event, coinciding with National Journalists Day, aimed to reinforce the auspiciousness and camaraderie within the journalism profession.

Following the ceremony, President Amporn offered incense to pay homage to Lord Buddha, setting a reverent tone for the day’s proceedings. Subsequently, a group of nine monks led a chanting session, invoking blessings for the departed journalists and wishing continued prosperity for the profession.

The charitable nature of this event underscores the on-going commitment of the Pattaya Journalists Association to honour fallen colleagues and foster strong bonds among its members. As the preeminent gathering of journalists in the Pattaya area, the association has a storied history of organizing beneficial activities for the community.

Past initiatives include providing midday meals to the underprivileged and offering support to various charitable organizations. Additionally, the association prioritizes the well-being of its members by providing annual accident insurance coverage. Currently boasting a membership of 60 dedicated journalists, the association remains steadfast in its commitment to journalistic integrity and community service.