Parked jet skis removed from Pattaya Beach

Deputy Mayor Wutisak Rermkitkarn together with police officers and the marine department order the removal of jet skis parked on the beach for weeks on end.

The Marine Department impounded jet skis illegally parked on Pattaya Beach for months on end.

Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn and municipal police chief Pol. Maj. Jeerawat Sukontasap accompanied Marine Department Pattaya Director Eakaraj Kantaro on the July 5 operation.

Watcharapong Lekwong, chairman of the Pattaya Jet ski Club, tried to stop officers from removing the jet skis, many of them covered with tarps, saying they were only on the sand due to recent storms.

Eakaraj called out Watcharapong for lying, saying many of the watercraft have been parked on the beach for weeks or days.

Jet ski operators argued in vain that the watercraft were only parked on the beach during storms.

The marine director reminded Watcharapong – who knew it full well – that jet skis cannot be parked on public land. They must either be in the water, at a pier or on a trailer.

Wutisak said there had been many complaints from tourists and beach vendors about the jet skis left on the beach, tied down with anchors and ropes that pose dangers to those walking on the sand.

The deputy mayor also said it ruins the scenery.

The jet ski owners parked illegally on the beach finally relented and moved them away.