Pattaya prison upgrading wastewater-treatment system

Officials check the wastewater in anticipation of upgrading the wastewater-management system at Pattaya Remand Prison next month.

Pattaya Remand Prison will upgrade its wastewater-management system next month.

Nong Plalai Mayor Pinyo Homklin and staff of the Chonburi Environment Department toured the prison on Oct. 20 to inspect the current sewage treatment and disposal system, which is old, outdated and in need of improvement.

Prison administrators were advised to install additional diffusers in the first and second cesspools and dredge their sludge tank, which hasn’t been done since sewage-treatment equipment was installed and wastewater held in a pond.

The prison already has requested a sludge pump truck from Pattaya City Hall, and that work will begin Nov. 15. It will be disposed of in 12 agricultural stations to be used in fertilizer.

Meanwhile, the prison prepared for the diffusers, which are old and inadequate for the amount of wastewater released each day, about 550 cubic meters. Pattaya is ready to install additional aeration systems to be suitable for the amount of wastewater in the cesspools and increase the aeration duration by half.

The prison discharges treated water into a canal behind the prison and water quality is checked continuously.

In the long term, there will be an increase of cesspools and an upgrade of the wastewater treatment system to be suitable for the increasing number of prisoners.