Pattaya police practice street-robbery response

Police stage an ATM heist on Beach Road as a training exercise.

Pattaya police practiced their response to street robberies in Jomtien Beach.

Crime suppression, patrol and investigative officers joined in the Aug. 4 exercise on Jomtien Beach Road, staging a scenario in which an ATM user is robbed of 50,000 baht.

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Descriptions of the robbers and their getaway vehicles were gathered

The “robbery” occurred as the victim walked back to a motorbike with the cash and two thieves on motorbikes pulled up and robbed him at gunpoint. They took the bag of money and drove off while the victim reported it to police.

Investigation inspected the scene and got the robbers’ appearances and the vehicle used from CCTVs. Dispatch radioed patrol officers who intercepted the robbers on Sukhumvit Soi 46/3.

Pattaya’s deputy police chief Lt. Col. Nitat Wanpradub said the drill was important in reinforcing crime-scene investigative and patrol skills and reinforces public confidence.

Dispatch alerts officers to be on the lookout.


Quick action led to the “arrest” of the suspects.