Pattaya police launch safety drive on Koh Larn Island

Pattaya police lead an enforcement and education campaign on Koh Larn Island, targeting motorcycle rentals and tourist golf cart usage to enhance safety and traffic compliance.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a bid to enhance safety and raise public awareness, Pattaya police spearheaded a rapid response team in an enforcement and education campaign on Koh Larn Island. The initiative targeted motorcycle rental services and the use of golf carts by tourists, aiming to curb potential accidents and ensure compliance with traffic regulations.

Traffic police officers took a firm stance on enforcing regulations with motorcycle rental businesses. They emphasized the imperative of verifying renters’ driving licenses before renting out motorcycles and ensured strict adherence to helmet-wearing protocols while riding.

In addition to the motorcycle rental sector, hotels received explicit warnings against renting out golf carts to tourists. The use of golf carts is reserved exclusively for hotel transport services, specifically for picking up and dropping off guests. This precautionary measure was implemented to mitigate the risks associated with tourists, unfamiliar with the island’s routes, potentially encountering accidents.

Traffic Police Chief, Pol. Lt. Col. Phanupong Nimsuwan, emphasised that the operation’s overarching objective was to bolster the safety of both tourists and residents by ensuring adherence to traffic laws and minimizing the likelihood of accidents on the island’s narrow roads. He said, “Through proactive enforcement and targeted education, we aim to create a safer environment for all visitors and locals on Koh Larn Island.”