Pattaya police hone armed combat skills to fight crimes effectively

Police officers from Pattaya, Nongprue and Banglamung received two days of firearms training to hone their skills in armed combat.

Pattaya, Nongprue and Banglamung police officers were ordered to a special firearms training camp at the Battle Mouse Shooting Academy in Huay Yai, Sept 6 and 8.

Pol. Col. Damrong Eimpairoj, Nongprue Police Station Superintendent in charge of the training sessions said that the purpose of this special training was to bring police officers up to speed with new tactical methods used to suppress and combat modern day criminals.

He said that today’s villains have become quite sophisticated and are now capable of using modern weapons, including war weapons, weapons of mass destruction, not to mention explosives to commit crimes in our communities.

Therefore, law enforcers have to be well trained in skills to perform their duties effectively against petty and violent crimes, robberies, assaults and the war against illegal narcotics trade.

The police officers were trained in the correct use of different kinds of firearms that they might have to use to prevent and suppress crimes big or small.

The police commander encouraged lawmen to practice and train regularly, to hone their skills in police tactics for the benefit of the police force, their brothers in arms and most importantly for the safety and security of the public.

Police from the various units in the Pattaya area go through their paces learning the basics up to use of sophisticated weapons to combat crime.