Pattaya police give away helmets instead of tickets for Songkran

An elderly sidecar vendor thanks a policeman for the safety helmet promising to wear it every time he rides a motorbike.

Pattaya police gave away helmets to Pattaya motorcyclists for Songkran.
Police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai and traffic officers handed out the helmets in front of Pattaya Police Station April 11, along with face masks and hand sanitizer.

Kullachart said authorities constantly push for all motorcyclists to wear helmets, as bikes are involved in more than 80% of deadly road accidents. He said that he wanted to remind all motorcyclists that they should wear safety helmets at all times when driving a motorbike.

In celebration of Songkran, Pattaya police were giving protection helmets to bikers and their passengers instead of traffic violation tickets. It seemed that there were more bike riders without helmets than usual on that day. All of them deliberately drove by the police station to be stopped and given a shiny new helmet.

The police chief also educated drivers on the “10 bitter tastes” of driving known in Thai as “Ro”, “Sor”, “Khor” and “Mor”.

Ro means not driving over speed limit. Sor means not running traffic lights and not driving against oncoming traffic. “Khor” refers to having a valid driver’s license, fastening seatbelts and not recklessly overtaking other cars. “Mor” means no drinking and driving, wearing helmets, not driving motorcycles in prohibited zones, and no use of cellphones while driving.

How much the helmets police handed out would prevent head injuries is debatable, however. They will mostly protect bikers from getting tickets.

Today is their lucky day. All these motorbike drivers and passengers will be gifted a crash helmet each for Songkran instead of a ticket.

This foreign national riding a motorbike without a helmet can write home to tell his family and friends that he got a safety helmet as a gift for Thai New Year.

All motorbike drivers without helmets were stopped in front of the Pattaya police station and given a crash helmet.


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